We are keen to restart residential retreats and courses as soon as your safety can be assured and government regulations allow us to do so. We are already planning a full calendar of exciting new courses as well as many of your old favourites.

Please check this website regularly to see the progress and SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list to be kept informed. You are also welcome to browse the former Peace Palace website HERE. 

And, in the meantime…


You are warmly invited to join us for our live interactive online courses – initially started to fulfil the desire for knowledge during lockdown but now set to become a permanent feature. Enjoy the highest knowledge presented by some of Maharishi’s foremost teachers in the comfort of your own home. We are about to start our fourth online course, with many others lined up and hundreds of enthusiastic participants eager for more.

Please visit MAHARISHI.ONLINE for details and SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list to be kept informed about online courses.

“I am loving the course. I think it is wonderful we can listen to Raja Peter speak to us in our own homes. I hope this will be continued after the lockdown as I can see how this kind course is a benefit to many individuals.  People who cannot go on residential courses for many reasons – such as having children, being carers, have a disability, or financial reasons… I know you cannot beat the experience of being in a group meditating. I do hope though that these online courses will be available in the future… I do believe there will be an ongoing demand for this service.” – M.M.

“I have not heard Bevan Morris speak before and I really enjoyed his gentle voice and whole manner of presentation. In other circumstances, it would not have crossed my mind to do a course online because I like going to residential courses where I meet other meditators. In fact. I have found other advantages to doing it at home. It is easier to note down things of particular interest or play them again later; and there are fewer distractions. I can really think about the information presented.” – S.C.


“I’ve travelled around the world and the Maharishi Peace Palace UK has been my most satisfying, most enjoyable, most restful and most welcoming experience. It’s so perfect. Everything about it is comfortable and homey and rejuvenating — everyone was so great. I’m looking forward to coming back!”

Bob Roth, Bestselling Author, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation