Custom solutions

Just the way you like it. Bespoke solutions to match your business needs

Flexible space

A Three-dimensional approach to new-age warehousing by using the ‘cube’ of the building to achieve maximum density

High ridge height

18+ metre with options of additional mezzanine storage

Suez Energy from waste

Power via private wire with fixed costs for significant savings compared to standard supply forecasts

PortOne VNA warehousing

  • Bespoke logistics solutions with 18+ metre ridge heights storing up to 50% more product in the same footprint
  • VNA (Very narrow aisle) solutions condenses standard pallet racking into a smaller area creating a high-density storage system. Allowing you to store more product without having to increase floor space
  • Three-dimensional approach using the ‘cube’ of the building to achieve maximum density
  • Leading the way with the UK’s most innovative custom-built warehousing solution
  • Rapid delivery and additional resources
  • Creating a safer and more efficient fulfilment environment
  • Best use of space with high rack VNA trucks
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