Teaching your
people to deliver

Train the trainer

We can teach your people to deliver effective training.

When your in-house team needs to learn course content and delivery, we can help.

Our trainers have a deep and thorough understanding of the sectors in which they work and they are experienced at passing skills and enthusiasm to others.

IKON’s train the trainer service will enable your team to deliver motivational and insightful training that builds confidence and trust with delegates.

Delivering for you and your delegates

Working with IKON brings significant benefits to you as well as your delegates. If you’re ill, or for some reason can’t deliver a course, IKON will provide someone who can, ensuring consistency and quality of service.

Administrative support

Once their training’s complete, we give each trainer a folder with audit trail and development documentation.

We’re happy to discuss licencing IKON’s training material too, just get in touch.


We’re always happy to chat through the options available without obligation.

Train the trainer clients we have worked with

Train the trainer skill scope

IKON can teach your people to deliver effective training for any of our courses, including:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Breakaway
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour