Safety briefing

Transport sector training

Our training helps people who work on public and private transport feel safe at work.

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Carrying out your work in the face of aggressive or challenging behaviour can be daunting, to say the least.

We’ve worked closely with our clients in the transport sector to develop a range of courses that support conflict resolution in the face of the real challenges they face.

  • Communications
  • Personal safety
  • Scenario training
  • Awareness

Our training is shaped by experience and informed by current legislation.

Our Stand-alone Courses

Each of these training courses can be delivered independently or as part of a bespoke programme.

Our clients include train operators and cruise ship operators. Groups of people who have attended training include customer services, guards, station assistants and revenue protection officers.

Here’s how to get the support you need from IKON:

Course delegate attending a conflict resolution and challenging behaviour management training course with IKON

Stand-alone courses

IKON’s individual training modules are tailored to the sector in which you work.

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Bespoke training packages

You can combine the content of more than one module to build a bespoke training package.

Conflict Resolution Training, Kings College Hospital London

Retained resource

We provide the specialist trainers you need for as long as you need them. Retained resource gives you the benefit of an in-house training team without having to recruit, train or manage it.

It can make it simpler for you to scope training needs and to prepare for inspections or reports. It can also be a more cost-effective way of buying training, managing budgets and forecasting.