Remote workplace training



IKON Live is the new remote workplace training platform – able to cope with the ever-changing working and training landscape, allowing you to schedule high-quality, real-time training courses for your employees.

IKON Live cuts through the constraints of traditional on-site training whilst being the cost-effective, eco-friendly and agile solution helping to keep your staffing safe and efficient. 

Our platform allows you to:

  • Organise and book essential training in line with staff availability
  • Monitor staff engagement and progress
  • Save time and resources
  • Eliminate needless travel

Not just another online training course

IKON Live delivers remote, workplace training courses with increased engagement in a professional setting. What’s more, our highly interactive content is designed to achieve the best possible results. 

All that’s required is a stable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Remote training process

  1. Proposal agreed &
    booking form sent
  2. Course dates scheduled &
    delegate register requested
  3. Delegates receive joining
    instructions from IKON Training
  4. IKON completes bespoke
    lesson plan
  5. IKON Live workplace training
    & digital evaluation completed
  6. Digital certificate of attendance
    sent to delegates
  7. Register, evaluations and course
    synopsis sent within 5 working days

IKON Live explained

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